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What is the difference between Highlight & Contour?

Contour is the new photo-shop. “Contour” literally means: to outline, mold, or shape, when speaking in cosmetic terms. This creates a shadow effect and helps define your best features. Contouring is a great way to hide minor or major flaws and has been known to change the entire shape of one’s face! Any area you want to sculpt should be contoured. Contouring has been around for years for the Hollywood stars, however, only recently did the world catch on and start to use this Hollywood secret in the comfort of its own home.

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Highlight & Contour Tips

Bring out your best features and glow with our simple tips and tricks for Highlighting & Contouring.

For best contouring & sculpting use a matte bronzer.
Using an angled brush is best to create the look you want.
Start with lighter shades and build as you go, remember, you can always add more.
Apply your bronzer before concealer.


has taken the front seat in the beauty world.

Highlighting is simply adding light to your face.

By adding highlighter to your face, you will pull your best features forward and make them more prominent.
Highlight creates a “dewy” look and can be used in any way to provide an updated look.

Highlighter is the finishing touch & is usually applied last.

Apply highlighter with two different sized brushes, one for full face highlighting, and a smaller brush for smaller areas.

Highlighter can also be used on your collar bones.

Using good brushes can make a huge difference!